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Photo by Kari Wishingrad

My photographic career started around the age of 10 when I was given a used BROWNIE "STARFLASH" Kodak camera .  After getting the photos back from a vacation with my family I discovered that I loved taking pictures. So after a class at high school and graduating from Academy of Art and City College of SF I worked as a freelance assistant in SF. Then took a couple of years learning from the pros in New York. After a trip around the world I moved back to San Francisco and opened my own business. 

I have provided commercial photography to the advertising, lodging, food and beverage industry for 30 plus years. My images have appeared in publications such as THE WINE SPECTATOR , PEOPLE, DISCOVER, ESQUIRE and the International Herald Tribune. I did a year setting up and running a professional studio for AMAZON in their wine program. Im currently living in the spectacular Sonoma Valley.


BNI People

November 1 to December 31 2018

Vintage House

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